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The Weather Channel Breaks New Ground with Immersive Mixed Reality


The Future Group provides comprehensive product training courses, which can be delivered bespoke or customised to a customer’s requirements. These courses are:

  • Pixotope Setup and Onboarding

  • Basic Pixotope Operational training (including basic Unreal operation)

  • Advanced Pixotope Operational training (including advanced Unreal operation)

  • Pixotope Creative training

These courses can be delivered to customers in a variety of ways:

  • Online video training (sequential series of videos)

  • The Future Group office-based training

  • Live webinar training

  • Onsite training


Why The Weather Channel keeps making these terrifying mixed reality warnings

Ice chunks thud to the ground at 90 miles per hour and shatter. A branch snaps off a tree under its frozen weight. A bus hurtles down an ice-slicked road. These are some of the dangers that an ice storm can unleash, and they’re featured in The Weather Channel’s new mixed reality segment just in time for a winter storm to pummel the Midwest and Northeast.

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It translates what we’re showing in the forecast to what we’re going to expect in reality.
— Michael Chesterfield, director of weather presentation, The Weather Channel

ELEAGUE – Behind the scenes

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